Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Solar System

I wanted to revisit my experience from yesterday when I attempted to capture color from a cd. I had an idea of adding water droplets which would, separately, catch color. Today's experiment was tricky. Trial and error. Last evening's dvd presentation reminded photographers to "look again". "Look more deeply" The dvd also prompted artists to not settle with a good photograph but to strive for more. I did that this morning. Initially I did capture a few images that I liked; however, it wasn't exactly what I wanted. These two images are closer to what I had in mind.
I imagined the rings of Saturn. I imagined the solar system. In that space color would gather in certain places and blackness would be found everywhere else. That image in my mind allowed me to keep shooting until the 'image came to me'. Hope you enjoy. P.S. I do teach really! My school images are always before and after school....well mostly :)


Bridget said...

these ate great jayme!
i missed you all last night.
i can see from trish's pictures that you had a good time>

Bridget said...

ok steve,
i thought i was in jayme's blog.
you did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!

jvelez said...

The third's gorgeous! Great job looking for the next right answer! By the way, I'll make you a copy of the DVD if you like. I know that's like totally evil of me, but let me know!

philmary said...

The last one looks as if it could be water on a leaf, in the jungle in Brazil

trishalyn said...

I'm so glad you delved more deeply into this subject. These images are incredible, Steve!!! It's easy to see that you've taken the lessons we learned from Dewitt Jones and transformed them into your photography. Awesome job!!!