Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Setting Sun On 2008

2008...How to even begin to comment on this past year. My friend Shelly emailed me yesterday, saying that my blog is a great way to express words and show my images. I must admit that I enjoy the images; however, I haven't shared too many words from my heart. When I have I fear it made people uncomfortable. I won't start now so those reading this, do not get nervous. People who know me well know that I have a lot to say!! ha..about a lot of topics!Needless to say, 2008 was a tough one for me. I'm nothing though if I'm not strong and determined. 2009 will be a year that each one of us designs. Individually, each person has the power to make this next year whatever it is that is desired. I desire to be happy, social, healthy, charitable and strong. As the sun sets on this day I look forward to it rising tomorrow. Perhaps it is simply psychological; however, a new year can be much more than just a flip of a calendar page. May each one of us use 2009 to reach our potential in every way imaginable.

For those looking for inspiration, read The Shack. It is a best-selling novel and though I am not deeply religious, it was a story that impacted me greatly. Love life and Happy New Year!


Jim Murray said...

happy new year friend
i enjoy what you have to say
dont stop. It is inspirational to others as well as yourself.
2009 Here we come! ready or not!
Should be an intersting year to say the least
thanks steve...glad i took the few moments to check out your blog!

trishalyn said...

Please don't ever stop talking, or hold back what's in your heart! Lovely images...the snow is so blue it looks like you "painted" it. Very clever second image, too!!! Did you add the "Happy New Year" to it (on the computer)? I'm curious. Happy New Year, Steve...and I hope "2009" brings you everything on your list!

jvelez said...

I love your blue snow picture. I haven't finished the shack yet, but I am reading it. I think this year is going to a year of new beginnings and experiences and I think you are going to make things happen in your life for all the right reasons!

Bridget said...

your words inspire me .
i wish you the best of all for 2009
a friend just lent me "the shack"
your recommendation has made me want to dig it out and read it.
i think it will be the first book of 2009.