Monday, December 29, 2008

A Fix Upon Request....Well Suggestion

I noticed that my friend Trish took Linda's advice to crop a photo in order to eliminate distraction...and here I too take Linda's suggestion. Here is the improved lamp, with the base shown. Hey, it also gave Trish and I another day's picture! I should make more obvious mistakes!


linda said...

Very nice, Steve. I especially like the second one with the touch of colors in addition to the silhouette.

trishalyn said...

GREAT!!! I LOVE the second one!!!! Though I must correct one tiny thing...I wasn't as smart as you to get another day's posting. I cropped and re-posted the same day. Though technically, I couldn't get another day's posting out of it, anyway, because I used the same photo. Here I am rambling about ME when I should be concentrating on YOU. Wonderful job, certainly have a keeper!