Monday, December 15, 2008

Childhood Memories

I loved my matchbox cars! I had the coolest collection (in my opinion) because I didn't just have the shiny sports cars, I had realistic matchbox cars. I set up all sorts of scenarios inside as well as outside on warm days.

My cars always did the appropriate things. My trucks didn't race, they loaded and unloaded construction equipment. My crane always worked and service vehicles were always operating at peak efficiency. When an accident occurred the response was swift by emergency personnel. I even had these small plastic road signs that I would place around "town" so that my cars had traffic rules to obey. I was so proud of these signs because they were from my family in Germany. Imagine the confusion in my American towns when the stop signs were oddly shaped and the speed limits were in kilometers!

Not all was well though! The occasional attack from dinosaurs and a spider-man, gone wrong, kept the townspeople on alert! These invaders were always fought off by well trained army men and a giant barbie, stolen from my sisters' room.


Bridget said...

great shots .
i enjoyed the leap back to childhood.
it was all so simple then!

linda said...

Love the stories and the photos that accompany it. Or is it the photos and the story that accompanies them? In any case, good post.

jvelez said...

Neat story and I love the little cars. Today's matchbox cars don't look as original and enduring as yours do!

lyford house said...

The interior world of Steve..nice diologue

trishalyn said...

Loved your story, Steve, and the photos are wonderful! You used your lightbox, didn't you? Makes your images look quite professional! How about renting it out some weekend? :-)