Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who is gorgeous, talented, fun-loving and very tolerant of my camera??? Jenna!

Like Cher, Madonna and Oprah, "Jenna" is a name that stands least in our family! Jenna has a personality that can light up a room! Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. Can you tell I'm a proud uncle? I would like to keep Jenna young and yet I'm so excited to see what she decides to do with her life as an adult. Will she go to college? Which one and to major in what? Will she have kids and a family? Remain single and travel the world? I am confident that she will achieve whatever she desires, using her heart and mind to its fullest extent. Thanks Jenna for allowing your uncle to take another photograph for his blog!
This wreath was my Christmas card last year...I think. I like the image and so it is my 2008 Blog's "Christmas Card" for anyone that visits my site. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


linda said...

Love the portrait and love the sentiments. Once again, I hope your nieces know how blessed they are to have you for their uncle. Merry Christmas to you too.

jvelez said...

Perfect post and words. Jenna is so adorable and it must be cool to have nieces that you get to see grow up and choose their lives. Nice work today!

Bridget said...

beautiful portrait of a beautiful girl.
she is a lucky duck to have such a loving uncle.
i like the wreath pix very much.

trishalyn said...

Again, ditto for me, too! That is a gorgeous photo of Jenna!!! Not only is Jenna blessed to have such a caring, loving uncle, but so are her (and your other nieces) parents blessed to have you in their children's lives. Four're blessed, too!!! :-)

trishalyn said...

P.S. I was so wrapped up in Jenna, I forgot to comment on your beautiful Christmas wreath image. I LOVE looks awesome with that white door in the background. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!