Saturday, December 27, 2008

River Rats 3, Rochester 2

9 seconds left to the game. The Rats giving up two goals within a few minutes, Rochester got back into the game. A time out called- one goal to send the game into overtime. The Rats held on though! I believe it is the first time that I witnessed the Albany team win a game.

My brother-in-law, Jamie and Jenna accompanied me to the game, sitting among 4,200 other hockey fans. During the evening's game Batman made an appearance too! Between periods we saw cheerleaders, ice skaters and a large blimp dropping tickets on the crowd. Jenna caught a ticket winning chili fries, with the purchase of a value meal of course. Regardless, it was a fun night out!


linda said...

Nice post. I've never been to a hockey game even though I think about it from time to time. Glad you all had a good time.

Jim Murray said...

hey we were there too! great game
brought my dad and the kids. Was Dad's first hockey game. I looked for you in the crowd. Looks like we were on opposite sides of the arena

trishalyn said...

You have such a great diversity of images on your blog...I never know what I'm going to find. Nice photos...they are even better enlarged! Congrats to Jenna for catching a winning ticket!

Bridget said...

sounds like a fun night and good company.
the photos are good.
i feel as if i was there.