Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Adirondacks On A Winter Day

You wouldn't know it from the blue sky, but I took my life in my hands driving to Caroga Lake! Snow squalls, complete white outs and horrendous winds kept my Jeep, and its driver, very nervous. I did manage to capture these two images; however, most of the day was what I describe above. I have some white-out images, but they are very boring..well..because you don't see anything but ..well white! go figure, right? Ironically, I just got home from playing golf! (inside of course). My good friend Jim (and faithful viewer of this blog) finished third...sorry Jim, just had to say it. So, white-out conditions, snow squalls and golf all in one vacation day! ahhhhh...the life I lead.


Bridget said...

i get shivers just looking at those shots.
nice photos.

Jim Murray said...

everyone gets lucky now and then!
i challenge you to a running race! I will beat you at that!

i like the pics though!

linda said...

So how come there are no photos of playing golf?? Nice shots--I like the stream. Every time I see your images, I vow over and over again, "I"ve gotta get out more", but I never do. Good job.

trishalyn said...

Beautiful images, Steve! Your photos are so crisp and clean. I enlarged them to get the full effect...the stream image is especially gorgeous. Can't believe you drove to Caroga Lake in that weather, though. The lengths we go thru for this challenge! Great job!!!

philmary said...

Enlarging the stream you can see snow,ice water interface,makes it look as if the snow covered outcroppings are floating on the waster

JoelMac said...

I love the stream and fresh, clean, fluffy snow. Nice composition.