Friday, December 12, 2008

Which Do You Prefer? Blk/Wht or Color

What a beautiful day! An ice storm leaves behind gorgeous scenery, as the tree branches glisten in the sunlight. I'm thinking tomorrow will be another picturesque one!

This next picture is one that I took in Target's parking lot. Beauty everywhere!


jvelez said...

Wow! Especially the one with the water running through the frame and the ice in the third...spectacular! Enjoy the long weekend:)

trishalyn said...

BRRRR....BUT GORGEOUS!!! Black/white gets my vote! I love the close-up of the ice on the branches. I also love the image with the stream. Oh, gee...I just love them all! I think you had a lot more ice than we did...guess we're farther south. :-)

linda said...

Surprisingly, I like the color ones better this time. I think it's because the images are practically monochrome, but then there's a little, itty, bitty touch of color that sets it off. Nice shots.

Bridget said...

they are all beautiful but i love the colored one.
nice job steve!

JoelMac said...

I like the color ones too. I love the last one.

I'm so jealous. We had an ice storm last night and this morning it was beautiful. I wanted to get out and get some pictures, but I had to go to work. Now it's warmer and all the ice is gone :(