Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Images Galore!

Holiday images are difficult to pass up during this challenge of taking a photo EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE!!! Not that I am not enjoying this daily chore...I mean passion....but since I have Jan, Feb, March, April, May...on and on....I need to utilize these opportunities when they here is another set of holiday photos. The photo above was taken at school early in the morning (don't ask why I'm there so early..and yes I know it's vacation). The bottom photo was taken on a street in Amsterdam. Perhaps tomorrow will turn up something a bit more creative...I can only hope.


linda said...

I like Mr.Snowman. Yes! What were you doing at school so early on a vacation day??? I know what you mean about taking advantage of the photo ops when they arise.

trishalyn said...

I love these photos!!! I recognized the first one right away. Every morning as I walk through the door next to that wonderful photo op, I would think to myself that I should take a picture of it. Good for you for doing just that! Then I got to the SECOND image...WOW! I absolutely LOVE that one! The beautiful wreath with the red/gold bow...the touch of snow just makes that image! But I also love the snow covered roof in the background against the pretty blue sky. you have two awesome images for next year's Christmas cards! Hey..just got an idea. MVP should pool our best Christmas images to make cards to sell next year. MVP...what do you think? GREAT job, Steve!!!

philmary said...

Santa seems to have a beatifull luminous glow>Sad to say that is what I looked like last night with a temperature of 102f,,All better now,,

The filters make your pictures look as if the color was applied ON a medium instead of the distinct out lines of a SHARP photo..very interesting