Thursday, December 25, 2008

Family Fun On Christmas Eve- J,M,L and J- sounds like a law firm!

For all the photographers out there..give the gift of your photography to others! I used my photos in several ways and they were a hit. I made a Monopoly game for two of my nieces, turned another image (my niece's soccer team) into a jig-saw puzzle, and created an inspirational poster for the runner in the family, using a picture I had taken of her running in a race. In addition I made photo-cards for the adults to use throughout the year. I didn't realize until we opened gifts just how useful my photos were in creating presents. My friend Linda sold desk calendars this year, utilizing her beautiful photos from Hawaii. The calendar is a perfect size for my desk at school, and at home, and so I will also enjoy the art of photography. What is next year going to bring? Will my family be overwhelmed with images on t-shirts, mugs, magnets, banners, bookmarks, mouse pads, etc... Ha!! Ok...I'm getting punchy..time to get going.
Merry Christmas Everyone!


trishalyn said...

Adorable photo of your nieces, Steve! I'm sure your special photo gifts will be treasured for years to come!!! Merry Christmas!

linda said...

Great shot, Steve. My friends and family never seem to tire of my "photo gifts", although I try to do something different each year (except for the calendar). I find that "shooting for the gifts" gives me a little more motivation throughout the year. Merry Christmas.

Bridget said...

great picture of your nieces!
your photo gifts sound great.
merry christmas to you!