Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunrise Angel

This morning I arrived to work a little later than usual because I stopped to take my image of the day....where? where else? THE CEMETERY! Although it is an early morning photo, the orange isn't because of any early morning light. In fact, the orange is from an orange tinted filter I added to the image. The cool part is that I chose orange for the illusion of a sunrise. Stay tuned for more statue photos in the future because I really like them and because I found a new cemetery to explore. Maybe I will explore that new location this weekend. Well today was a long one. Parent Conferences went until 8pm. I say this because the most amazing thing happened. I can't really give the details for privacy reasons; however, it was the most uplifting and inspirational story I have heard in a long, long time. This mother made difficult decisions for the good of her family and a few years later it is finally paying off!! It was wonderful to hear about a success story and it reaffirmed to me that doing what is right does pay off. Doing what is right is often amazingly difficult, because many times it requires hurt and hard work in the short term. This mother did what her gut was telling her to do and she followed her instinct. I just had this lesson with kids today and to be able to hear of an adult doing exactly what I taught earlier was wonderfully eerie. I go to bed tonight a happy teacher.


Linda said...

Very nice. Nice touch with the orange filter.

Good to hear about the success story. It's great to hear about it first hand and to know that you're on the right track. You should go to bed a happy teacher more often, you're great at what you do.

J.L.Velez said...
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J.L.Velez said...

Fascinating angel today and the filter is very cool. Hope to see it more. I'm glad you were reaffirmed last night. What a powerful experience that must've been. Wish I could say the same; instead, we learned heartbreaking things about our kids. But for me, that is reaffirming too... it means I'm in the right place at the right time. If only the rest of my life was that way!

trishalyn said...

Very interesting image and your use of filters. You didn't state it, but I assume you applied a blue filter or tint in addition to the orange one? (I's a stupid question!). Glad you had such an uplifting day!!! :-)

Bridget said...

i am so happy for your positive parent teacher conference.i don't know how you can do what you do without some regular positive feedback.
here is to our dedicated teachers!!
what you do changes the world.