Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Spring flowers are alive with color and texture.

Orange is my favorite color so I love any arrangement with orange flowers. Below, I think of something that could be found on the ocean floor, moving with the current and pulling in food at the same time.

Oliver is a stunning bird but not merely as stunning as my four nieces below. The birthday girls are the twins. J will have to wait a few more weeks for her own b-day as "blondie" is my family's Christmas baby (not such a baby any more).


Linda said...

Great flower images, but especially the one of the nieces. I LOVE the expressions on their faces--each one different, probably totally fitting their separate personalities. Nice work!

J.L.Velez said...

Your photo on the bottom truly captures their personalities! I love it! Also your close ups of the flowers are amazingly bright and beautiful. Can't believe the twins are 15...I still remember them splashing around in my pool in the backyard and now they are growing up into their own distinct and beautiful persons. You are truly blessed to have them all in your life!

Bridget said...

gorgeous florals but that portrait of your nieces is really wonderful.

trishalyn said...

Well, everyone has said it all. Cute photo of Oliver, lovely flowers, but the family portrait of your nieces is AWESOME, FANTASTIC, GORGEOUS!!! The colors are vibrant, the composition is great (love the swing and brick background), wonderful expressions on each girl (looks like you really captured their personalities), and they are all sharply in focus. The whole image looks crisp and clean, and the lighting is beautiful!!! This one should definitely be enlarged (very large), matted, and framed...and given to each family, plus your mom, plus you. Gosh, guess you can tell I really love this one! :-)