Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful Earth!

Early sunrise on a farm (the other day) and late day Spring-tree near the Schoharie Creek (today). Another great day!


the ninth sunn said...

Oh wow, awesome sky. Great one!

J.L.Velez said...

That sky is on fire! It's amazing! Is it close to how you saw it color wise? Great find! Is the blur a shooting technique or lens thing? Please let me know!

trishalyn said...

GORGEOUS sunrise shot!!! I love those colors and clouds...great capture, and a keeper for sure! I would really like to see the original image. Is the bottom half as black in the original as it appears? If so, I'd be curious to see what a little cropping would do, to make the image more of a panoramic. It's really beautiful...great job!!!

Bridget said...

beautiful sunrise.the colors in the sky are stunning.
i also like the second image.
it looks surreal.
nice job!