Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Haunting, Part III

I, once again, visited the empty house that I have photographed twice now. This time I brought my niece Lindsey along. I really like the photo above as it explains the atmosphere found within this empty house. Deserted rooms and broken windows are to be found throughout the houses we visited today.

Only a few memories remain such as the plate below. The window made a nice backdrop and provided some nice lighting for the images.
Which do you prefer, the black and white or the colored?

Below, Lindsey's hand helps give interest to the banister. A day of light hiking, exploring two deserted house, lunch at Burger King and shopping...WOW...you can't beat that! And to be able to share my hobbies with Lindsey was great! I hope she catches on to my love for photography, creepy places and fast food!


J.L.Velez said...

WOW, the plates and the banister with Lindsey are just awesome. Very creepy atmosphere! I love the black and white, it really adds to the feeling:)

lindsey said...

I love the black and white one it adds character, I had a blast today. And I one day hope I too will fall more in love with taking pics. Great work!

the ninth sunn said...

Black & White. Deffo! What I like about B&W, If you haven't it in colours, It left you with some unanswer questions ie I wonder what colours appeared on that plate pattern?
This makes the photo more interesting. Like reading books. It leaves you with your own imagination.

Linda said...

Another great series. Surprisingly, I like the colored image of the plate better than the bw.