Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Bridge To "Nowhere"- Please Enlarge Both

When I pass through neighborhoods where garbage is strewn about and rusty bridges connect similarly run-down areas of town, I feel sadness. I'm sad for the children who don't know about taking pride in their environment because there are no role models. I'm sad for the elderly who may remember the "golden old-days" when the neighborhoods were bustling with business and alive with activity and who realize that those days are long gone. I'm sad for America as I sense our best days are in the past. Pride, respect, responsibility and appreciation have faded. Statistically this is the first generation of children that will not "do better" than the generation which preceded them. It is possible to fix the economy; however, is it possible to fix a nation's priorities, morals and values? I'm not speaking about Republicans and Democrats. I'm speaking about a Super Power that is losing the characteristics which made it great. Sorry for the preaching but I felt the need to express myself tonight.
Below is a photo I took today. The photo is dark because of the weather; however, the rain also allowed the waterfall to be running rapidly. I used my new "technique" in both of my photos today. Obviously the bridge photo is one I took a few days ago, on a sunny day and below, on a dreary day, I attempted to utilize my new method.


meganrockerstar1 said...

Very nice love the second pic

J.L.Velez said...

Please, please tell me your technique! These are so beautiful and I love the black and white waterfall. At first, I thought you used a filter but now I'm sensing it's something else. Can you share? The waterfall is one of the best I have ever seen. Like really really good. You should enter it in that photo contest. I want a print!!!!!!!!!!

trishalyn said...

Beautiful, artsy photographs, Steve...they could be in a magazine! Please teach us your technique!

Joel MacKenzie said...

Very nice! I especially like the waterfall. Often I see photos of waterfalls taken with a slow shutter to blur the motion of the water while everything else is in sharp focus, which is nice, but everyone's doing it. But you've done just the opposite to create something truly unique! Excellent job!

Bridget said...

both great photos.
i want the secret too:)
your writing is especially good today.
computer fixed???
i fixed mine myself by jiggling,squeezing and pushing a lot of buttons.
let me know if i can help you with yours:)

Linda said...

Very nice images and good thoughts to go along with them. I especially like the first one, I think because of the great contrasting colors and the lone tire.

My guess at the technique is: you probably did this in photoshop--but if you did it in the camera it was by putting a little Vaseline on the outer edges of a filter?

philmary said...

Fascinating technique,,The foaming water pouring over the fall is doubly exciting surrounded by the blur, trapped in an instant

The bridge reminds me of The Scream by Edvard Munch

I Like your flowers The first and second ones remind me of that post by Linda did for "doors" January 11