Friday, April 17, 2009

More NYC!

I LOVE street performers! So much culture!

I love the city because you can be anyone you want to be. No one cares about your style, your personality or your 'quirks'. So much diversity!

NYC..a place for l..o..v..e- puke! I like this photo though.

Above is how I felt inside as we walked, and walked and walked.

Have some class! Please.


lindsey said...

Omg it looks like you guys had a great time in NYC. I love the last pic with Jayme picking the nose of the painting that is to funny.great work keep it up

Anonymous said...

check out this site...jayme might really enjoy it...actually everyone might, i know i do!

it's neat!

keep up the great photo's...i enjoy visiting!

J.L.Velez said...

Okay, I was sooooo framed! You all have to know that Steve made me do this...he threatened my life with his superhuman muscles. The smile is fake! :)

Anonymous said...

ummmm...sure jayme, whatever you say! ;)

meganrockerstar1 said...

hey love the pics the last one is sooo funny and the smile is soo not fake :) nice job

trishalyn said...

Jayme is right. Her life was in jeopardy. She HAD to do it. OK kids...a lesson on peer pressure: don't ever let anyone make you do something you are not comfortable doing!
:-) Steve, what awesome images...I love them all!!! The last one wins the "Most Funny" prize...and the first one is the "Grand Prize Winner"! What kind of filter did you use? I love the b/w and whatever else you did. Of course, it all had to begin with a great shot! :-)

Linda said...

Steve, wonderful images. I'm still a wee little bit jealous of your trip to the city.

I don't know which of the photos I like best, they're all really good. Glad you had such a good time.

philmary said...

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