Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Photos and One Taken Today

Such a beautiful day today. I past this church and was struck by the vibrant blue sky against the brick. The left side is a bit blurred on purpose as is the photo below. The picture below is from my Saturday outing. I'm just practicing with new techniques and tricks.

The photo above and below are from my Saturday morning at the Sand Flat Orchards, in Fonda, New York. You must stop if you are in the area! Below the horses were working hard to plow the earth, the old fashioned way.

Below is a photo from my hike on Sunday. Here, I captured an image from the top of the waterfall whereas yesterday I posted pictures from below. Yesterday's photos reminded me of a rocky ravine. This photo, though taken at the same place, reminds me of a more tropical location.


Bridget said...

the first image of the brick church against the blue sky is wonderful!
i also love the the sand flats pix and the waterfall from above is great.
very nice work!

J.L.Velez said...

Wow, these are all so good, I can't decide which I am in love with most! Probably the waterfall as we were talking about tropical destinations today. It's spectacular, lush, inviting. The blurry this a shooting technique or a lens thing? They both are great shots, love the church especially. Great colors all around! You need to turn pro!

Linda said...

Nice group of images. The ones with blurring are really interesting. I think my favorite is the color one of the horse team. Second fav., first one--red bricks against blue sky.

trishalyn said...

This will sound redundant after the above comments, but I, too, love the deep blue sky against the brick church (great angle as well). Beautiful horse images from Saturday, too!!! I like how you are continually experimenting with different techniques and subjects. Great job, Steve!

Doreen said...

fantastic shots! the second one makes me dizzy, seems as though it is moving.

the ninth sunn said...

Oh hey, Great shots of the waterfall. Especially those from the previous post. You did a great job to keep it in focus without a tripod.
Here, it's great to see that there are still farmers plowing the earth, the traditional way. I never came across one here in england. They're all doing theirs with the machinery. My favorite is definitely the sepia one. I also love the 2 colour composition of your Red bricks & the vibrant blue sky. Well spotted!