Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sand Flat Orchards- Fonda, New York

Above, Mrs. Hoffman's bright red barn sits beautifully, adorned with a classic white picket fence. The Hoffman's Apple Orchard is also the Spring place to be with an addition of two greenhouses! Make sure you visit this family owned establishment throughout the year! I attempted to make the image a dream-like one because I imagine that many a dream is being fulfilled by this family.

Today was a day of hard work on the farm. Much plowing was to be done and I was fortunate enough to be able to witness the work rather than doing the plowing myself. The horses below pulled the plow up and down rows of earth, taking deserved breaks long enough for visitors to appreciate their beauty.

The sky was radiant. Below I used a fish-eye lens in order to have the horses stand out against the blue sky and brown earth. This photo, and the one that follows shows the amount of work that these horses were to accomplish.

I like images, like the one below, where the main subject is questionable. Are the horses my focus or is the size of the field my main subject?
Below I photographed these horses resting prior to their turn at the plow. I won't make an ass of myself here making these horses the butt of a joke...well, you get the point! A great day! Thanks Meg, thanks Sharon and Jamie, and Trish?? You took to these animals so naturally!
That's my "tail" to tell today. It was a storybook morning.


trishalyn said...

Your puns are SOOOOO funny! LOVED images #4 & #5, but especially #4!!! The layers of the field make a great composition, with the horse team that extra element to add interest. Waiting for just the precise moment, when the driver turned around, was brilliant! Great capture of the 3 tails in #5. I couldn't get that to work for me. I'm always amazed at how we can be shooting at the same location, but come back with such different images. Beautiful weather, great companionship, and photo ops galore...pretty much a perfect day!

J.L.Velez said...

I really really love the three horses against the blue sky and brown is just perfect. Also, the barn, white fence, blue did you do that shot? It's so eye catching. Sounds like a great experience!

Anonymous said...

sorry to be an english teacher..but you spelled the title's Sand Flat Orchards.

otherwise nice pic's and story :)

Linda said...

Really nice images. I love the one of the rear of the three horses, and of the three black horses walking out of the field. And the puns! Well, they were just.....punny!

Anonymous said...

great job!