Sunday, August 23, 2009

Linda's Inspiration

A few posts ago, Linda showed some Infrared photos on her own blog and I was reminded how creative images are when using this technique. Copying is the biggest form of flattery, so thank you Linda. The trail above is the one that leads to abandoned houses which a few of us photographers have explored.

Above is the dead tree that you must climb on in order to jump the metal fence which leads to the houses.

After climbing over the fence you must then get yourself up and into this window in order to make it inside. Ahhhh...adventure! Dirt, glass, mosquito bites, ripped shorts, cuts in the legs..a fantastic day for me!


philmary said...

Great job ..Very inspirational>Tree has grotesque value points that goes along with this mercabre yet existentianl post

Protege said...

Beautiful. There is something nostalgic about black and white pictures.
I can not believe that you have abandoned houses.;) In Denmark property is so valuable, no houses are left unoccupied.
Thank you for your very kind comment at my place yesterday.;)

trishalyn said...

Ah, I see your fame has spread worldwide now! :-) Very lovely b/w images! I really enjoyed the path you led us I want to climb thru that window and see what you saw! Another great post!!!

P.S. Glad you had such a fantastic day!!!

Linda said...

Well, you're very welcome. Great shots. I'm drawn back, each time I look, to the last one. Nice job.

I'd love to get mosquito bites, ripped shorts, cuts and whatever else to get to this place. Are you willing to share???

BTW, did you do this in-camera?

J.L.Velez said...

What is this awesome technique? I have to learn it:) Very cool shots.