Monday, August 3, 2009

A Dream??

With these doors I wanted to create a slightly surreal photo, as if one was witnessing the scene in a dream. The "glow" adds to the dream-like feeling along with the bright green grass and plants.
Beyond the doors is a prize winning horse about to be ridden to victory? Perhaps two lovers will escape the summer heat and the eyes of a critical parent by entering the barn? Could this be where wedding pictures are about to be taken, using the doors as a beautiful backdrop? It's your dream now...tell me what role the doors play in your dream.


trishalyn said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! How do you always get such vivid colors in bright sunlight? The green is so gorgeous contrasting against the white building.

I view my life as in two sections: before and after August 4, 1977. So In my dreams, the doors are the entryway to my life, pre-8/4/77 (32 years ago today). I think I'll take a peek inside now.

Linda said...

This is beautiful. I seriously lack imagination, so all I see in my mind's eye are the horses stamping and snorting while waiting for their trainers.

Bridget said...

interesting blog.i just got a nice safe tucked in feeling from the photo .i can't really say what i felt was inside though.
nice image.