Monday, August 24, 2009

Through all these complex years I thought I was alone...

Having time to experiment, I headed to my favorite place for interesting subjects to which I tried different approaches and techniques in creating these images.

Sometimes when I'm alone,
I wonder aloud,
If grace is watching over me,
Some place far abound.
Then I must reverse my life
For I cant live in the past.
Then I will set my soul free,
Where it will belong to me at last.


Linda said...

Well, you had a great day to be out getting these shots. Very nice--and did you write the poem?

I like the lighting on the first image.

Protege said...

Beautiful, serene pictures...
Is that poem yours? The words are lovely and complement the images well.;)

trishalyn said...

Lovely poem, Steve! My favorite is the first photo. As Linda mentioned, you captured beautiful side lighting that accentuates your subject. Unique perspective on the angel image!

Bridget said...

lovely images which compliment the instrospective poem .