Sunday, February 1, 2009

Troubled Times

Upstate New York Cities are crumbling under the weight of poverty, neglect, outsourcing, population shifts and ineffective politicians. Driving around through the Mohawk Valley is, at times, depressing as empty building after empty building is seen. Places that once were thriving are now out of business, leaving behind the shell of buildings.

No one seemed to ring the "alarm" on the decaying nature of the Northeast. Perhaps fire wasn't the most dangerous threat to this building. Is there an alarm that can be pulled for apathy?

Below is another sad result of poverty and apathy. Humans aren't the only ones that feel the devastation of homelessness. Many of these kitties probably never had a home; however boxes and empty buildings shouldn't be the home that is settled for. They have no voice though. Like children, they simply deal with what is given to them by ignorant adults and policy makers.

One doesn't need to look far, in upstate, to feel the pain.

Incidentally, the Super Bowl, in these troubled times, pulled in a record amount of money for advertising. Obama, the hope of the people, just enjoyed the most expensive Inauguration in history. Recently, the Olympics were all the rage on television. It was the most expensive Olympics ever. Priorities?


Anonymous said...

the poor kitty on the right side looks like his face is hurt...maybe it just looks like it, but it's soo sad to see them :(

too many people worry about what their designer clothes say or latest styles arein...when they really could make a huge difference in the life of an animal who only ask for love!

Linda said...

Great post--both the images and the sentiments. You're right about apathy and misplaced priorities. I'm still irritated that when Obama came to Hawaii for vacation, the family stayed in the absolute MOST expensive facility the island has to offer. Quite the role model, dontcha think?

trishalyn said...

These are great images (and writing) Steve. Your photography reminds me of the work from the 1920's and 30's. The names of the photographers are escaping me right now, but they photographed blight in America...the sweat shops, slums, etc. Those pioneers, through their photography, were instrumental in bringing reform to this country. Oops...look at a history lesson to a history teacher! Sorry...didn't mean to preach! Excellent photo journalism piece, Steve!!!

J.L.Velez said...

Very nice shots today...I was thinking of the people I saw in Walmart this weekend. Very poverty stricken families who looked downtrodden. People who looked like they hadn't had showers in a while. It's very do we change it?