Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She's Back!

I want to thank Jayme for this idea. I was so blown away by Jayme's photo of hands a few weeks back that I had to steal the idea of the 'flare'. Stealing is the best form of flattery, right?
Tomorrow I head to NYC to buy either a super wide angle lens or a macro lens. Tell me your opinion...I'd love to consider others' thoughts.


Jess said...

woa! I really like the second one! It looks like he's blowing away a bubble out of his hands! how'd you do that?! (so I can steal it, haha! jk)
And lemme tell ya, wide angles are SO fun!! I just got mine, granted it's not SUPER wide angle (are you talking fish eye?) it's still so much nicer to work with. Mine's a 17-40mm (Canon lens). I've had a lot of fun with it so far!! I just wish the really nice (read:fast) ones weren't so expensive :(
Good luck finding a good one!

J.L.Velez said...

I love the second one because of the flare being airborne. The angel has just blown that bubble of light. Great idea:) Very dramatic shot. I'd like to see a close up of just the angel's face and hands with the flare. Have a great trip and good luck with the lens!

Linda said...

Great images Steve. Love them both, but leaning toward the second as my favorite. How did you do that--truly reply and let me know. As for lens, I'd recommend the macro. I've had one all along, and then recently purchased a very wide angle. I've found that I hardly every use the wide angle but I do use, or at least think about the macro more often. Especially in the great Northeast, where you're stuck inside a lot of the winter, the macro would be really fun for "in the house" photographing. Just my opinion.

trishalyn said...

These are amazing, Steve!!! PLEASE...EMAIL ME, TOO, AND LET ME KNOW HOW YOU DID IT! Initially, the first one was my favorite. But the longer I looked at them...and looking at the enlarged versions...I realize that the second one is better because the bubble is up a little higher. The angel looks like she is truly blowing the bubble in that image. Great job....and please don't forget to share your secret method. You're probably on your way to NYC by now...hope you have a great trip...and looking forward to hearing /seeing the results of your new "toy." :-)

Joel MacKenzie said...

My vote goes to the wide angle. I've seen a lot of landscapes where wide angle lenses were used, they were quite cool.

In my opinion, extension tubes would be the best way to start in macro, then if you really like it, get a macro lens.

Can't wait to see the results from whatever you choose!

Bridget said...

she really is adorable!
i also so like the 2nd image the best.
you are impressing the heck out of me with all the new techniques you are trying.
have a great trip to nyc.
i wish you could get both lenses:)