Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Beautiful Day On The Lake

As I did a few weeks ago, I took off in my Jeep with a cup of coffee. I didn't have much luck today. I felt more like driving than I did taking pictures. The blue sky and bright sun was a welcome change to dreary and cold weather. I'm off to a hockey game! Have a great night!


J.L.Velez said...

I hope your drive was wonderful and your day was relaxing. Sometimes its nice to just take off and let the day guide you to a new place! I love the mountain background.

trishalyn said...

This little image does not do justice to your photo. EVERYONE: CLICK TO ENLARGE TO ENJOY THE BEAUTY TO ITS FULLEST! This is really gorgeous, Steve. I love the contrast between the bright white snow and the blue sky and mountains. When enlarged, that little speck in the background becomes a man and his snowmobile. I only wish that guy had been closer to you! :-) I also love all the snowmobile tracks on the captured that detail quite well. It's a keeper!

Bridget said...

and again i am impressed with adventurous spirit this winter.
you have saved me the trouble of going outside myself :)