Monday, February 9, 2009

The Sun And The Moon

Above, the sun captured from my mother's birthday flowers and below the early morning moon.
I didn't have a long lens, nor a tripod, so I did the best that I could. Not until I took the flower photo this afternoon did I realize that I took both extremes today. The bright colors and vivacious feeling of the image above contrasted with the moody, dark photos below. Life is much like this, isn't it? The highs and lows, the bright and low-key, the inspirational and the peacefulness of life all seen through light and colors.

The moon was strikingly bright this morning. So bright that without any manipulation or correction the moon gave off the 'halo' seen in the images. A day that began with me wondering what to photograph ended with a stress free feeling that I had done well today to capture something interesting.
Moral of today's story? For me, to learn that whether the day is bright and full of life, or sleepy and quiet, I should find peace and happiness. Living is about finding the joy in each type of day, knowing that tomorrow will bring new experiences and new opportunities and more than likely another "type".


meganrockerstar1 said...

hey i love the flower, it looks just like the one nextdoor. ALso love the street pics it looks creepy almost like a halloween night. by the way this is your nice megan.

Bridget said...

the last moon shot is terrific.
the flower image is beautiful.
great job steve.
lovely words to match your lovey pictures today.

Jim Murray said...

I was hoping you would get a picture of the moon tonite. I was staring at it out my kitchen window and was wishing I knew how to take a picture or have the camera to do so. I love the moon shots!

philmary said...

Nice thoughts ..I find how difficult it is to always believe in a better tomorrow...,but here it is

J.L.Velez said...

Love the totally different directions you went today. The second moon shot is riveting! Your sentiments complete the very successful photo day you had:)

Joel MacKenzie said...

That last moon shot is quite fascinating, love the clouds too.

It kind of looks like a picture of the sun through really dark sunglasses.

trishalyn said...

Very uplifting posting, Steve. Enjoyed your beautiful writing AND images. The second moon image is great...I love the curvy road and the blue sky with the white clouds. My favorite, though, is the flower's GORGEOUS!!! Love how you framed it, and the beautiful colors really pop! Happy Birthday to your mom!!! :-)

Linda said...

Nice post--I LOVE the flower.