Monday, February 2, 2009

Cemetery Art

As I stated on Phil's blog, I was over confident in thinking I had photographed the correct cemetery in order to 'win' Phil's game. I had photographed angels and then learned I had captured the wrong ones! These photos are pictures I took today as I traveled back to the cemetery. As I have stated before, cemeteries are terrific places to photograph. There is a lot of beautiful art work to be found.

I wasn't able to photograph Phil's angels due to access. There seemed to be a service of some sort near the location and so I drove to different parts of the cemetery in hopes that the people would clear (how sad is that?) I'm sorry if I messed up the rules to this game; however, will the pictures below and my description satisfy others that I now know which cemetery Phil was at? Phil, am I correct this time? I'm pretty confident this time! The photos below are "old" however I believe I am in the correct cemetery this time.


J.L.Velez said...

I love the cemetary shots you come up with. They are always so revealing in their simplicity. I picture a beautiful silence and calmness. Very lovely!

philmary said...

Well there are some issues here,blocked access,old shots etc. but your imagination in finding cemetaries as a source for endless postings combined with your flawless technique causes me to relent in my demands for the actual image..

We have to put this task on hold for a while until further notice

Bridget said...

the closeups are beautiful!
did i hear you right?
wrong cemetery?
steve,i am surprised!!!!!

Linda said...

Love the first image! Good job.

Jess said...

What a great idea! a bit morbid, but still, I like your train of thought! haha. I actually have some cemetery pics myself, not nearly as cool as yours tho! Nicely done! I love the sharp lines and contrast in the first one!

trishalyn said...

These are beautiful, Steve. I love the detail you captured in those stones. I assume you added the blue in the 2nd image? Makes the design really stand out. Great job, as always!!!