Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Simple Shoot Using A Unique 'Tool'

I purchased a very inexpensive toy from the store the other day and I think I just may get some 'mileage' out of it in terms of photographic usage! You probably can't tell but the black and white image and the "blue" image were created utilizing that toy. In essence it is a bug-collector bucket with a magnifying-glass top. I placed the keys in the bucket and shut the lid. Then I photographed through the magnifying glass. You might not know from the image; however, the keys were indeed larger, and I was able to get closer than I would have. In the last image it also gave a natural blur-effect. To achieve the placement of the keys I simply shook up the bucket and let the keys fall in place.

Below, I hung the keys from my lamp's, on/off knob. The bright light from the bulb, only inches away, gave the keys good mood lighting. I closed my tan curtain behind the lamp so I would create the brown backdrop. This photo took me about 10 seconds to set up; I hope it doesn't look it though!

I chose to make the keys below blue because my Jeep is blue. Simple reason, simple shoot.

Finally, my niece Lindsey helped me with the photo below. That is actually her wearing the "Lucy" t-shirt. I added lens flare to make Lucy a star tonight! Thanks Lucy....Lindsey's nickname.


Bridget said...

nice simple images.
like the blue.

J.L.Velez said...

I love the tan keys! Very cool placement. I'm glad the toy is working out:) That was a stroke of genius on your part!

Linda said...

Nice job Steve. I love the blue keys to match your blue vehicle. Good inspiration for me.

trishalyn said...

Wow...these are so creative...I love them! I really enjoyed the explanation, too. Jayme is are a genius! What a clever idea to use that toy. Who would have thought that "keys" could be so inspirational? Great job, Steve!!!

trishalyn said...

P.S. Forgot to mention that I liked your lens flare on the Lucy image! :-)