Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Red Scare??

For me, the macro-lens was a good choice to purchase. For the viewer of this blog?? Well, there are going to be a lot of macro pictures from now on as I learn what makes a good subject, and what does not.

I could make all sorts of deep and poetic statements about my subject choice here. I could link the dominoes to life and make many, many corny comments as I compare the two. I'll spare everyone here and not do that today. I'm better than making obvious and trivial comparisons between serious topics such as life and a traditional game.

Let me try some intellectual comparisons instead. Actually, I use dominoes as a visual teaching tool when I discuss the Cold War and the spread of Communism throughout Eastern Europe. I also use the same visual above to discuss the dangers that existed with McCarthyism. Linking important historical information with a common visual helps students understand the material and apply it to real world happenings. Are you able to make the comparisons I speak of using the domino?


Bridget said...

nice images steve.
you are making very good use of your new lens.i think you defiinitely made the right choice.
i bet you are a greaat teacher:)

J.L.Velez said...

I love these closeups and your historical connections. You're right of course, as humans we need to find ways to understand complex subjects and metaphors help with that. Photography helps create metaphors that are meaningful, like your dominoes. Thank you for your thoughts yesterday!

trishalyn said...

I love your macro images...keep them coming! Glad you're having fun with your new lens!!!

Linda said...

I'm with Trish, very glad that you're enjoying your lens. I thought you would. I like these images a lot, not a bad idea for a project. However, I'm going to wait until I'm housebound for whatever reason.

meganrockerstar1 said...

nice job i like the last one where it looks like there is two rows of dominoes

Cora said...

These shots are incredible. At first you don't think anything of them, but they are so detailed and the depth of them is perfect. Nice use of the foreground and background. :)
I will definitely check back to see what else you post!