Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blinded By The Light

My good friend Trish and I used a "light box" in the hopes of catching some reflections, shine, silhouettes and other interesting effects. Above, the crystal seems to glow and shine brightly. There was no manipulation to any of the photos in this series. Below, I illuminated the top of the crystal. It appears that the light is coming from within.

Trish had any amazing idea of adding bubble wrap to my image. The bubble wrap is being held behind the crystal. I like the golden color being produced by the light's interaction with the crystal. Also, the bubble wrap gave the crystal itself some texture. These photos were trial and error. Much depends on the light of course. It was fun though to just 'shoot' and wait for the results. My art teacher friend, Diana, joined Trish and I, lending her artistic eye. She seemed both intrigued and impressed.

The images below were created by spinning a toy top on a student's desk. The first image is the top spinning and the camera set at a pretty fast shutter speed. The second image was taken at a slower shutter speed. There is a subtle but noticeable difference between the two pictures.

Thank you Trish for joining me in experimenting with light. It was fun and a learning experience. Go to my friend's blog to check out her images. She is a very knowledgeable photographer with a great eye. She is a follower of my blog so click on her picture (black and white) and you will be impressed. She is also a great story teller!


J.L.Velez said...

Very cool, especially with the golden light/bubble wrap experiment. Sorry I missed it!

lindsey said...

awesome. I love the last two they are amazimg. I love the color and how you made them look like spinning tops. Way to go.

Bridget said...

very creative steve.
i love the top shots and the bubble wrap.
great job!

trishalyn said...

Loved how these turned out, Steve...especially the spinning top! Very creative images, as always. Thanks for the compliments, too!!! :-)