Saturday, March 7, 2009

Treasures Left Behind

The house had some surprising fixtures that were fun to photograph. I converted most to black and white. I will return to this spot and shoot in color, as I already have some ideas for next time
The home could not have been abandoned too long ago as some items are fairly modern. The shower hooks above and light fixture below are still used today. The house, equipped with electricity and modern plumbing did have signs of a fire in the kitchen. Whether it was purposely set by partying teenagers after the residents left or if it was the cause of the evacuation, one may use his imagination.

Based upon the fixtures and remaining items in the house I would estimate that this house was once home to middle class folk. A modest home in size, location and material, I wonder why it was deserted.

This mousetrap caught my attention because I could suspect that it was placed by the front door when the home was first 'closed up'. Many years later, there is no need for the trap, as the doors and window frames now serve as useless barriers to critters and people.


Linda said...

Awesome images. Please wait till I return so you can take me there too. Don't find much of that type of thing here in HI. Residences are in high demand, not many are left to rot.

lindsey said...

hey great work.I love the black and white look ,adds character. great work and feel better.

Bridget said...

these are really wonderful!
i am so glad you chose black and really works.
love the radiator!
be careful if you go back.doesn't look very safe.
good job steve.
i hope you are feeling better

J.L.Velez said...

I loved the shower hooks and the mouse (or rat?) trap. They are very eerie and the black and white really sharpens things up. You were brave to go in there. I'd love to shoot actual ruins someday. Maybe we should go to Mexico or Europe!

trishalyn said...

These are all wonderful, Steve! I loved the conversion to b/w. I can't believe you went's SOOOO creepy! Where DO you find these places? I think you should share and take us all there on a field trip! Great job...and glad you felt well enough to go out treasure hunting!

philmary said...

This would be a great WITWAI.What do old abandon houses smell like.?.

Great Idea for each MVP person to find an abandoned house and shoot it