Thursday, March 12, 2009

Answers and Explanations

Thank all of you for leaving such great comments and asking terrific questions regarding my photography. I often don't get a chance to respond. Here goes:
1. The tree photo- Sadly, the tree is dead. It will not turn green any time soon, unless you count moss!
2. The abandoned house- It is located near the Rotterdam Mall in New York.
3. The filters used? I'm terrible at writing down the filters, I simply experiment until I find something fun. I have been using multiple layers, adding several filters to one image.
4. My new lens? A Micro Nikkor AF 60mm 1:2.8 Love it!

Again, I'm involved in a 365 day photo challenge..and it is challenging! Your comments mean so much to me because it helps motivate me to keep going! Thank You so much!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the answers...i think i recognize the spooky house now that you've revealed it's locale...i still can't believe you went in it though!..braver than me.

Linda said...

Okay Steve, go ahead and schedule a field trip to the abandoned house for me and you when I return. Would love to go there. Thanks for all the answers.