Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hello all....I'm having serious computer problems which is why I did not post yesterday. Im at work right now writing this so that you don't all wonder where my daily posts are. I'm still photographing daily; however, my hard drive has crashed. I'm not even able to start up my computer at home. I'm off to comparison shop this afternoon for a new computer. Hopefully I will be back on line soon!


Bridget said...

oh steve, i hopeyou have your pictures backed up!
such a bummer.
good luck with your computer shopping.

Anonymous said...

ughhh..good buys has some deals..but of course you can buy anywhere you want...happy searching..:)

p.s. what happens to the contest if your late with photo's...? it ok to catch up on them..or is that a really bad thing?

just wondering.

trishalyn said...

Steve, I hear...and feel...your pain!!! I'm relieved to learn, though, it was just your hard drive that crashed and not YOU! Things can be replaced, but of course, you are irreplaceable!!! Good luck with your shopping...and please don't get stressed over this competition. You can still TAKE the photos everyday...and post them whenever. :-)

J.L.Velez said...

I know you're feeling bad about not posting, but don't sweat it! You are still in the running as far as I can tell and I'm sure you'll get the best deal possible. Did sort of miss not seeing pictures from you though. You inspire this challenge, it's your baby! Think I'll wear a black wrist band or something in mourning!

philmary said...

Don't have much to say about every day post compulsion, as we all may know ,but I have experienced hard drive destruction and it is NFG..

To Bridget and Trish et. al isn't Bloggspot in the Server or should you back up for sure. I mean everytime I crash I take it to Greg and he unloads everything then puts back what I want saved.Is he retrieving it from the Server or not?