Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday's Blog Post

I think I'm back on line after a few very frustrating days. I had taken this picture with the thoughts of doing some abstract work. I intended to do more in a series of metal images; however, my computer issues took over. I hope to be "back" and creative Sunday. This is Friday's photo.


trishalyn said...

I really enjoy images formed by a pattern, and this one is excellent. Please tell...what is it? I would love to see bold red...applied to this image. Nice job, Steve!

Linda said...

Having said what I did on your next macro series about the great color, this one doesn't appeal to me too much. But I think it would look great as a background for some bold, colorful text as Trish mentioned.

I also think it would be a little more dynamic and interesting if it were angled--diagonals always make more tension and add interest. I'd love to see a repost with either letters or on the diagonal, or both.

Bridget said...

i like all your abstracts!
it looks like you are making good use of your new toy.
the macro photos are so sharp.
i am glad you are back:)
did you end up getting a new computer?