Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking Back Can Keep You Safe

Many people say to 'not look back'. I've gotten the advice to move forward many times in my life and yet I think one needs to look back from time to time. How else can we prevent repeated mistakes that we have made? Also, don't you want to know what may be coming from behind?
Perhaps life is like driving. The driver is suppose to look forward, to both sides, and backward. If we aren't paralyzed doing all that looking as we drive, why do I become paralyzed in life when I try to look in ONE direction?? The above was taken on my way to work this morning. Looking in my rear view, side mirror I could see the potential danger approaching. And yet, behind me was some beauty as the sky was beginning to light up. Ahead of me was darkness with no activity on the road and yet behind me there was movement, "life". Conundrum. If I slow down to let "life" catch up to me, it may pass me by. And I don't want that either.


Lori D said...

Powerful words and evocative image. I'm enjoying your other photos as well! I'm a follower!

Linda said...

Very interesting. I think you have something there. Nice image.

J.L.Velez said...

Isn't it funny how a simple photograph can make us discover truths about life? You did such a great job with this :) I think we need to look back sometimes too.

trishalyn said...

My head is hurting from doing so much thinking.
:-) I think you're right about looking back, too. I had never thought about it in that light before. Wonderful post, as usual!

meganrockerstar1 said...

hey nice job

Bridget said...

awesome photo.
welcome words of wisdom.
good job steve.
were you driving when you took this??
if so we need to talk.