Monday, March 2, 2009

Blue Light Special!

Kmart has, in its most recent commercials, used a blue light bulb as its spokesperson. This animated blue light bulb tells the public of Kmart's latest sales. As a kid I remember the blue light specials that Kmart used in both its advertisements and its stores. The other day I wrote, in my ideas notebook, to photograph the 'blue light special'. When I saw a Kmart commercial a few days ago I remembered that I have a blue light bulb. Not knowing what the outcome would be, I photographed this light bulb sharing the best of the images here. I found the darker the room, the deeper the blue color. Also, the image below displays 'rings' of light as multiple images were taken. In fact there are 5 altogether. Can you see them?


Bridget said...

ah, i remeber the thrill of the blue light specials well.
these are both great.
the blue color came out better than i would have thought it could.
love the last one!

J.L.Velez said...

Neat! Your blue light has a blue halo! Good idea for a post:)

trishalyn said...

Very unique images! Where did you ever find a blue light bulb? The color came out fantastic! Love the multiple image did you do that? Great job, Steve!

Linda said...

Ditto to all the previous comments. Nice job. I'm partial to the second image.