Saturday, March 21, 2009

Abstracts Continued

These images were in line with what I was planning on doing. I hope they look somewhat good as I have lost my photoshop elements and I am simply posting off my camera's reader.

I like the colors and feel that they are "rich". I wouldn't have saturated them more anyway, even if I had my program. I paid extra attention to the lighting so that the colors would be as "deep" as possible.
To update my computer crisis, to anyone interested....I bought a new tower but am using the old monitor, printer, etc. Now I seem to be having monitor problems. Perhaps the new computer has more or higher graphic power? I don't know how to word it but maybe my monitor is slightly outdated for the capabilities of the computer?? Sorry MAC lovers, I bought a PC for expense purposes. I think I'll save up for an Apple laptop and in the meantime will have this PC for the blog. Eventually Id like to use the laptop for editing and work related items and then use the Internet, off the PC, so any viruses and "bugs" will not affect my laptop? Always interested in opinions on this...feel free to share your ideas.


philmary said...

Don't know much about computers,but Greg at Amsterdam Computers(842-5672)
is not a typical box store bot who doesn't have the time or knowledge to help you..Tell him about your old computer ..he probably could rehab it or give you firewall protection for your new set up

Now back to Abstract ..are you supposed to project into it your own vision... or not

I have some comments about the first image looking like alien life forms trapped and transported by black slime. The Friday post gives an in and out pulsing sensation ..I wonder what a poster size picture would look like?

J.L.Velez said...

These are all incredible abstracts and I'm not sure which I like best. I love the intertwined wicker shot and the first shot is also fascinated...some sort of glass? Beautiful colors and details. Are you using the macro lens again? I'm also curious about this abstract metal idea you've got. All of these are just fantastic in my book. How do you always end up with the best shots? :)

trishalyn said...

These are great...I love all of them!!! Is the first one part of a lamp? I can figure out the others, but that first one stumped me. The yarn colors are beautiful. Thanks for updating us on your computer problems. I have one piece of advice...your plan to get a laptop is good, but I think you have it reversed. If you want to use one computer strictly for the Internet, you should use your Mac. There is much less chance of getting a virus on a Mac than a PC! :-)

meganrockerstar1 said...

Very nice I love the first one glad to hear that your computer is fixed

Linda said...

Very interesting macros. I love the colors in all of them.

Bummer about your computer problems. We're at the stage in our lives where "ya can't live with them but ya can't live without them". Hope the situation gets resolved soon.

Even though I'm not into Mac at all, I think I agree with Trish, but go one step farther. Use the Mac for internet, and get a Mac for editing. I hear all the time that the Mac is better for photo editing than PC.

Also, I read someplace recently something to the effect that anti-virus programs have become so effective, and new PC's are so well "armed" that viruses are becoming much less of an issue these days. Hope you figure it out soon.

Bridget said...

i read the text after enjoying the pix.i am not one to give any type of computer advice but both my younger sons who were cs majors have bought apple lap tops as soon as they could afford them.
they love them!

trishalyn said...

HOORAY!!!!!!! THE MACS HAVE WON!!!!! :-)

the ninth sunn said...

Love the colors on these. Well done. Wish I could give you some advises on your PC but I don't know much about it as I'm a Mac user. Though I've been told that Pcs are virus collector so watch out & be armed for your safety net.

Jess said...

WOOOAAA!! I love these pictures!! What a great idea!! nicely done!