Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Mid-Life Crisis??

When you go to a showroom with this caliber of automobile in it, it is as if the red carpet has been rolled out for you. With my camera in hand, I discovered that the salesmen thought I was truly interested in purchasing a car and that I would share my images with friends, co-workers, spouse etc. before agreeing to pay the sticker price.

This car is beautiful as was the showroom. With the lighting available, the glossy-white walls and floors, each car looks stunning. Since the color red photographs so well, I headed immediately for this model.

Below I had some fun with the tires. It would be a dream to buy a car like this and probably a dream of the salesman for me to buy this vehicle! Imagine his commission payment?

I learned a few things doing this "shoot". Number one, Target doesn't call the toy aisle a "showroom". Secondly, the salesmen at Target don't get a commission for selling cars like the one above. That is a shame really.


J.L.Velez said...

Hah! I knew it couldn't be real:) Really cool idea, you had me going for while there! Love the creative wheel shot.

Linda said...

Very, very cool idea. You had me for a little while too. Great idea and love the shots!

Bridget said...

i was thinking toy but then you had me going:)
can't go wrong with the red sports car.
love the last one.

Anonymous said...

so...since the cost is definately lower than you lead us to believe...the real question is "did you buy it?"

Rush said...

lol..until u broke the suspense..i came to ur blog thru kavi's..same the name and found it very similiar to my blogtitle...hence visiting :)