Monday, May 25, 2009

Fast Cars!

At this morning's Memorial Day Parade, I was once again drawn to photographing parts of these old cars. Not a bad job considering the cars were moving!
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trishalyn said...

Wonderful capture of these old and fast cars. I love your choice of cropping! I'm drawn to the reflections in the headlights and chrome (quite visible when photo is enlarged). Really nice collage!!!

Linda said...

As Trish said, nice job. I share your passion for photographing the old cars, especially the details. And the collage is a good idea.

J.L.Velez said...

I love the collage and the numerous reflections the chrome gives off! Very cool idea!

Bridget said...

nice single images and really nice "put together"(god aren't you glad you're not my english teacher)
great collage!

the ninth sunn said...

Every time I see a Cadillac. It keeps reminding me of "Christine" the movie. You will never tired of these vehicles. A truly remarkable pieces of machinery design. The two, Cadillac & Harley-Davidson, will never die.
You're absolutely right. You did a grand job on these. Awesome!