Friday, May 22, 2009

The Beautiful Outdoors!

Having today off was such a treat! An early morning walk on a nature trail, followed by 6 hours of building a deck. Great exercise, warm air and a feeling of accomplishment. In my next life I am going to be a nature guide (in the South- no snow). I'm finding more and more of a desire to be outside the older I get.

I don't want to over use my fish-eye lens but what the heck? Isn't this blog suppose to offer the opportunity to keep practicing? Sure is fun to use!

Have a great weekend!


trishalyn said...

Yes..this blog is meant to provide opportunities for practicing while having fun...and it sure looks like you had fun today! :-) My favorite is the last image. I love the curve of the trees and the beautiful shades of green! In #2, I like how you placed one large tree in the middle, surrounded by a mass of green (just wish the sky had cooperated and been blue for you). Thanks for the fun post...and hope you have a great weekend, too!

J.L.Velez said...

I love #2, so green and ALIVE through the fish eye. Looks like a wise old tree in a mystical forest. Glad you had a day in the woods.

Linda said...

Nice images. I keep forgetting to use my fish eye--now you've reminded me! When I got to image #2 I thought that it would be my favorite, but then I got to image #3. It's the winner for me, with #2 a close second. Good job.

lindsey said...

amazing pics i love the second one of the tree. keep up the great work

Bridget said...

i love them all but i have to say the last one is the winner!
i am so glad you are getting out so often (even in the winter!!!)
you have inpired mw to try to expand my very limited horizons:)

Anonymous said...

the picture's remind me of the movie-"bridge to terabithia"...very nice colors!

the ninth sunn said...

You're absolutely right. This blog is your space to express however you feel like it. Hopefully we'll learn a few things from it at the same time. I certainly do.
And what a result too. It would have been just another woodland shots if you hadn't been using the lens.
Love the last two! Something eery about that lonely bare tree.