Sunday, May 3, 2009

It Is As Clear As Night And Day

Which do you prefer, last night's photo or this morning's?

This morning's photo or last night's image?

Neither photo is a show-stopper; however, I tried to show how the time of day can change the mood, the colors and the likability of an ordinary scene.


J.L.Velez said...

I really like the soft glow of the night pictures and how not everything is visible. Especially the second one with the tree. Where is the building?

Linda said...

Way to go! The night scenes are beautiful. I know exactly where that is--well, actually I probably couldn't find my way there by myself, but I know where you were. Good job.

Anonymous said...

i like the daytime ones.

meganrockerstar1 said...

hey awesome job i think it is a night pic of the night before only because i dont think you would get up that early to take a picture

trishalyn said...

I enjoyed the comparison of same subject/different time of day. Excellent lesson on the use of lighting to set the mood. I really liked the crisp detail you captured in the daytime images, and the mood you captured in the nighttime images! Do I really have to choose? :-)

Bridget said...

great idea!!!
i have to say the nnnight images really got me.
and i beg to differ but that last image really is a show stopper!