Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Early Morning Fog

A few minutes separates the images above from those below.
It is always exhilarating to have taken my daily photo in the morning. For those new to my blog, I'm taking at least one photo a day and posting it the same day. I'm not sure how many more I have to go but it is under 100... I hope?

The blue sky took only minutes to appear once the sun peaked out over the horizon. Within two minutes all the fog remaining was seen close to the bridge below.


J.L.Velez said...

You just get better and better! I love the first and second. Was the first a sepia tone? It's just breathtaking:)

Zezee's View said...

These are awesome and isn't it amazing how things can change in just a moment.

Linda said...

ooooh, Steve. Beautiful. Can't choose a favorite. Nice, nice job.

But........sorry to burst your bubble. We have 135 days to go. Look at it this way, we've already done this for 230 days--quite the accomplishment for all of us, dontcha think?

Bridget said...

a wonderful series.
very inspiring.
it sometimes seems as if there is nothing left out there to photograph and you prove that theory wrong time after time.
great job once again!!!!!