Friday, June 5, 2009


A sidelong glance,
A funny remark!
Glittering eyes
Meeting in the dark.
Fear of what’s to come
Glad of what is here.
Hoping, wishing, believing
We will be as one.
- David Bennett


trishalyn said...

Very cool...and that eye is mesmerizing!!! Whose is it? I love the closed eye, too...we don't SEE (ha...ha) that as often. Neat filters, too. Wonderful poem...perfect for your images. GREAT POST!!! (Another treasure!).

J.L.Velez said...

This would make a cool animated gif! Your filters are neat and you've created a mystery with your post.

philmary said...

SExy eyes and stolen glances ...long time ago ,,far away

Bridget said...

i love the open eye, closed eye shots.
very artistic.
very nice post.
it is all in the eyes :)

lindsey said...

amazing job with the pic it is very creative. keep up the great work.

Linda said...

I agree with everything that's already been said. I love the color palette you used. Very creative.

the ninth sunn said...

This is so cool. are they printed on a canvas or some sort. It looks as if there's texture on the surface or was it just a low res image. Anyhow, Great Work! I like your blog because you always came up with something different & creative work. Congrats.