Thursday, June 4, 2009

Unsettling Dreams

When thinking of this challenging assignment I thought of two themes. One theme is the idea that I would photograph a rocking chair as if I was viewing the chair in a dream. The other theme I wanted to tackle was the idea of starkness and isolation. I decided, finally, to combine the two. Below is a chair that would be in a dream of mine as I drift off into the past. The sepia tone reminds me of yesteryear. The simplicity of the subject, sitting alone against a white door, intrigued me. The past....simple furnishings.....moody shadows...I'm happy with this image.

I then decided to photograph the chair as I would see it in a deeper sleep. A dream that doesn't quite make sense. The colors in this dream are hazy and bluish. The glowing light both comforting and eerie. And finally, the empty chair, rocking away with no one present in the seat. Why is that seat empty? Fear sinks deep into my stomach.

Finally, the dream which causes confusion. This is almost a drug-induced or alcohol-induced dream where the chair seems to move on its own. Eyes are blurred and have difficulty focusing. The more I try to focus the more confused and frustrated I get. Is this a big chair or small one? I see a large one for a second and then a much smaller one the next. I don't like this dream. It is unsettling. I have a difficult time falling back asleep.


J.L.Velez said...

I really really like the second one the best because I can clearly see the rocking chair shape and imagine that stage of sleep where dreams are hazy and slightly intoxicating. How did you get that blue color? It's perfect for this shot. Overall, I love the whole series and your perspective of the dream really adds to the photos! I can see why you went this's captivating!

Bridget said...

way to work it!
i love the second image.
very creative approach to our subject!

lindsey said...

Amazing job with all of them. I like how you have them all looking spooky. Nice job and keep it up.

meganrockerstar1 said...

Awesome job I love the first pic

trishalyn said...

FANTASTIC!!! You certainly went the extra mile in this assignment and are well rewarded for your efforts. Love your images and your writing. You get an A+!!!