Friday, June 26, 2009

Laying A Wreath

In memory of Michael Jackson...ok, not really. It does seem fitting though when one looks at the media coverage of the "King of Pop". You would think a major world leader has been assassinated. Besides, we all know Stevie Nicks is much more influential on music than Jackson.

Maybe this wreath is better served honoring Farrah. She, at least, tried to show the bravery and dignity that comes with fighting cancer. Incidentally, is it wreath? or wreathe? Spell check likes both so perhaps it is a word with two spellings? I vote for Farah because I had her poster as a kid and it had a big impact upon me!
UPDATE- I've gotten a vote from my friend Trish for Ed McMahon


Anonymous said...

i believe it's wreath and i also believe farrah is with 2 r's....i'm sure you loved her in your teen yrs..she was a beauty!

...i'm not much of a, so i won't comment on his demise. you live at the cemetary?

only kidding :)

lindsey said...

Great job with both pics. Keep up the great work.

trishalyn said...

Love the second image! I like the tighter cropping and the coloring better than the first one. (Where DO you find these interesting statues?!) Just want to mention...let's not forget Ed McMahon!

J.L.Velez said...

I guess no matter how you look at it, the world lost some influential people this week. So I vote all of them! I think the British spelling is with the "e" at the end. Another nice statue!

Linda said...

I vote for the second image too. Love the close-up.

As for mj, I can't find the words to say how I feel, so I won't even try. Now Farrah, that's another thing.

philmary said...

Could I see a full shot of the girl. She looks similar to the figure in Hagaman

Other item I met a kid working at Home Depot with whom we did the SiM City Challange when Richard was in 7th grade together at SMI
He just graduated from FMCC with a Graphic Design/Photography degree and is going to contiune on at Sage..He sounded very interested in MVP and the 365 day blog I told him my address and suggested that he get on and look at some of the other people as well

Bridget said...

these images are great.
poor mj was such a mess but his talent was legendery as was his childhood ,hard to recover from.
farah went out with such courage and digniy.
and ed,who knew he was an officer in the marines.