Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jamie's Last Soccer Game

It was a muddy day but it didn't dampen the spirit
of this team! Go Dragons!
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Linda said...

I absolutely LOVE this collage. Every image is a keeper. You're getting better and better at these sports shots.

Is this a Picasa collage?

Zezee's View said...

These are great shots and a wonderful collage. You should print this and give it to her - would make a wonderful gift and memory!

J.L.Velez said...

I love that you used action shots, still shots and close ups for this collage. Great job! I even saw some of my kids in there:)

Bridget said...

great collage steve!
the angled images work well in it and i love the 2 blurred action shots as well as the muddy cleats and socks!
so fortunate that her jersey is yellow:)
possible to print a collage?
let me know

Jenna Kayy said...

I Like The Collage.I like the action shots. I still think my creative pose should be in there.But i guess we are going to be seeing each other today so there will be many more of them =p cya later Oh and Andrea likes the collage too!!!!!

trishalyn said...

AWESOME COLLAGE!!! Each photo is terrific on its own, but together as a collage, it is unbeatable! LOVE IT!!!!!!

philmary said...

You show in your collage the great joy of soccer;playing in the mud and rain at full force and exhaustion