Friday, September 18, 2009

Thanks Megan!

The photo above was taken as my niece Megan was relaxing at home, on the sofa. I wanted a metallic look to her skin and I think I achieved that to some degree. The light in the upper right corner is actually a setting sun, shining through a side window. Below, I tried to create a softer look, almost a "smooth" look in contrast with the harsh skin above. I love experimenting and with such a cooperative model, how could I go wrong!


Bridget said...

you really did get a meatallic look on the first image.
both great.
i suspect your niece enjoys being your model.
how lucky to have such a great uncle!

trishalyn said...

You certainly did achieve your goal! Terrific portraits...I love how you created two very different looks.

You are blessed with a wonderful family...your nieces are such great sports! :-)

J.L.Velez said...

Not sure which I like better, both are great shots of Megan. The metallic look is definitely interesting and I like the closer up pictures with the metallic finish. Neat!

Zezee's View said...

Both photos are great!! I do agree with Trish and Bridget - all of your nieces are great sports to be your subjects when you ask and they are lucky to have you as an uncle!!

Linda said...

Nice close-up portrait, and the filter on the first one is really interesting. As the others have said, lucky you for having such agreeable models as your nieces.