Thursday, September 10, 2009

The "B" Side

In music, recording artists have their "B" songs. These are songs that didn't quite make it to an album. I just bought a cd of "B"/rare songs which gave me the idea of sharing my "B" photos. These photos were my working photos, some of which I then put a filter on or some that I just didn't use. The photo that I took today is in the upper left..the window display....a "B" photo too!
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Zezee's View said...

I don't think that you can take a "B" photo. All of these photos are definitely "A" photos!! Great collage and each one of these photos is a winner!

trishalyn said...

Zezee is right...I don't see a "B" in the bunch!

Beautiful images and terrific presentation! I love, LOVE, LOVE!!! the photo of your niece in the lower RH corner!!! :-)

Protege said...

Great idea; but if these are your B's, your *A's* must be superb:;))

J.L.Velez said...

That's great idea. Put altogether, your B's definitely look like A's. Sounds like a cool album too!

philmary said...

The girls and the column are most interesting to me in that I can see the direct transformation to your later my favorite posts

Bridget said...

beautiful collage.
so mean though to call these B photos.
how do you think my photos feel.
did you ever think of that?:)