Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Off To Work

Anyone driving to work this morning noticed the incredible sky with its dramatic colors. I had no tripod with me; however, I had to photograph the scene...therefore explaining the softness of the images. Usually I have taken sunrises without the clutter of buildings and cars; however, this morning I wanted to capture the 'real world', where cars are beginning to populate the streets.

Leslie and I are creating a yearbook for the first time. We photographed a few cross-country runners today. This image of one girl's shoes just might make a nice photo in the background, faded out so that traditional photos can be placed on top.

As the 365 day photo challenge winds down, I believe the task of creating a yearbook will keep me busy. Another great experience is right around the corner.


Linda said...

Love the sunrise images. Missing it is what happens when you sleep in--ergo, I missed it. Good for you for getting it.

The sneaker shot is great. I think you're right, it will make a nice background for the traditional images.

trishalyn said...

What a beautiful sunrise...and I love your idea of capturing it in the city...the "real world"!

I LOVE the shoes image!!! It's crisp and clean....your b/w shots are always terrific! You're on your way to an incredible yearbook. Can I order a copy? (I'm serious!)

Zezee's View said...

The shoes came out great! So did the sunrise - as always your photos are WONDERFUL!!!

philmary said...

Interesting contrast in post of intense color and symbolism of the sunrise and the more prosaic b/w sneakers

J.L.Velez said...

I really liked the sneakers best. Very cool in b/w!

Bridget said...

love the sneaker image and the fact that you are getting involved in the yearbook project.it will be very creatively stimulating i am sure.
beautiful color in the sunrise image.i love the fact that your"eyes" are always on duty!