Monday, July 20, 2009

One Must Have Sunshine And Freedom

Above, I tried to place the butterfly in the corner to take advantage of the shape of a butterfly's wings. Not bad, considering how quickly I had to snap the shutter! Not sure if I'm explaining myself well or if you can see what I tried to do? Below I inverted the butterfly on Photoshop. I think this trick works well with metallic objects and black and white photos; however, I like this image nonetheless.

Finally, I chose to create an image of the entire butterfly with no alteration whatsoever. I had so many other ideas but wouldn't you know the butterfly had better things to do! I took about twenty five images in 30 seconds. I also would have preferred if the butterfly had landed on a flower or something more attractive but again the subject doesn't always cooperate! An unlikely find at Walgreens, this butterfly was flying around a construction area. Who cares that all those workers wondered what the hell I was doing...get back to work!

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ~Rabindranath Tagore


Bridget said...

these are all beautiful!
the second is my favorite though.
you and trish could start your own nature periodical:)

philmary said...

Such extravagence of black and white and black and yellow contrast..I like the last ,it is well centered and natural color

lindsey said...

wow they are stunning great job. I love them.

Linda said...

That second image is really beautiful. You did a great job considering the environment and how fast you had to work.

trishalyn said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love how you worked the 30 seconds no less!!! I really like the filter you applied...the colors are so pretty! But I think my favorite is the last image...a la natural!
:-) Wonderful job, Steve! (AND you made me laugh, picturing those construction workers thinking you were some kind of nut...ha...ha!).

J.L.Velez said...

That last one is truly amazing. I can't believe it's so perfectly done. The little blades of grass, the rocks, just perfect. Thanks for such a beautiful and innocent shot!