Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Push My Buttons!

My mini-assignment for Thursday is to photograph buttons. Well I found ONE button in an old drawer!
I decided early on that I would create modern art with the theme of buttons. In the background is a photo
of what appears to be many buttons of various sizes. That is a trick of multiple exposure and zooming in and out to
generate different sizes. On top of that background are various photos that I took with that same button. Here I used
filters of various types including cloning, bubble wrap, swirling and texture. I'm sure I won't win an award with my
concept; however, with one button, I think I did pretty well. I look forward to seeing what the other photo-group
participants came up with!
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trishalyn said...

Oh my did all that with only ONE BUTTON?! I'M IMPRESSED!!! I admire your creativity and all of the work and effort you put into this assignment. You sure came up with an original work of art! I love it...super job!!!!

J.L.Velez said...

That is pretty amazing what you were able to come up with. Great job with the different designs and collage!

Bridget said...

so clever!!!!
amazing bit of at with one little button!
ps i am still loving those beautiful flower images from yesterday!

Linda said...

Ditto on all the previous comments. Very creative--I'm impressed with all the effort you put into your posts.

Zezee's View said...

Wow and I do mean WOW! You did a great job.

lindsey said...

nice pic very creative.